Ralph Steadman

American Social

The first drawing in this collection dates from 1970 - the year Ralph met Hunter Thompson.

Steadman was first invited to the States by Dan Rattiner, who told him: ‘you can stay with Pam and I!'.

The collection sheds more light on Steadman's 40 year relationship with the United States of America.

Ralph on this period:

"The 80's Ralph are about paying your rent' Although we were still in the 70's Hunter had figured out this piece of wisdom...The bigger the legend [Gonzo] grew the less he required my services except to embellish the result of his feverish wheeler dealing that stretched back through our earlier collaborations from the early seventies. I always knew we had forged a lifetime friendship, but I was unaware of his avarice, or simply thought it was a kind of joke. It was right at the time when we moved house and I began one of my biggest projects. Looking back 10 years from 1980 we had still been trying to pay our rent, but some hangover from the ‘60's was still lingering there-- a swaying , doomed idealism, twisting slowly in the wind but we were all still trying to pay our rent.


The images shown in this preview represent a cross section on this collection but there are many others available. Click an image to enlarge.

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