Ralph Steadman

Rumble in the Jungle

This is a collection of its time. The vision of a young man, a stranger to the almost alien atmosphere of 1970's Zaire. Ralph arrived 2 days late to the latest collaborative adventure with Hunter. As he checked in he saw Hunter dash past in pursuit of Bill Cordoza who having read and seen the duo's coverage of the Kentucky Derby felt their vision was an essential point of view to cover The Rumble in the Jungle.

Creating legend in his wake, Hunter missed the fight having sold their tickets for a load of weed, allegedly.

Hunter spent the fight in the pool. Ralph spent it in the hotel room, in front of the TV sketching what he saw. What he drew was an incredible narrative of the ultimate in weird. His perceptions, as a young man from North Wales are those of a man experiencing a fantastic circus, a bizarre parade of outlandish characters who are lost in their own world of theatre are naive but perfectly capture his bewilderment that such scenes can exist beyond the confines of Bedlam.


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