Ralph Steadman

British Politics

Ralph Steadman has always been known for his vicious attacks on politicians who allow the sense of their own importance to overshadow their duty to the people.

Finally so disgusted by the antics of those who should be running the country, Ralph decided in 1997 to stop drawing caricatures of politicians. He felt it fed their over-weaning egos and they liked the attention too much. It distracted them from the jobs they had been voted in to do by a long suffering public.

So he began a campaign in the New Statesman of only drawing their legs and arses reducing them to basest common denominator and showing them up as the ultimate shit-talkers and arse-lickers of our time.

However when you look back at his earliest cartoons from the 1960's and 1970's what is so aching clear is that nothing has really changed but as long as we have men like Ralph Steadman to scream, shout and rage in the face of the extreme hypocrisy and self-important bull-shit, it can never really win!


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