Ralph Steadman


Ralph Steadman has always hoped to view the world through rose tinted spectacles and find his vision matches reality. Sadly he has rarely found this to be the case.

His pen is most vicious when it is directed at injustice, bigotry and hatred in all its forms. He slashes to the heart of these issues, taking no prisoners. Some images are shocking and upsetting, some are insightful and filled with seething wrath. They are frequently uncomfortable to look at, but that is as it should be. Ironically, sometimes when confronting subjects of such horror, Ralph's penmanship is at its most gentle as if too harsh a line would further injure the victims whom he is trying to protect and defend.

Shockingly, many of his observations ring horribly true today. Artworks drawn in the 1970's and 1980's still have resonance and illustrate a bleak realisation - we haven't changed and perhaps we never will.

Steadman makes us face the worst in ourselves in this collection.


The images shown in this preview represent a cross section on this collection but there are many others available. Click an image to enlarge.

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