Ralph Steadman

Untrodden Grapes

From Chile to California, South Africa to Alsace, Ralph Steadman has seen the best of the world's wine producing regions. On a search for the unique and original Ralph Steadman documented amazing characters, landscapes of incredible beauty, scenes of poignancy, poetry and peace.

It is a collection woven together by the makers, growers pickers and drinkers of one of the world's most eloquent drinks - wine, seen through the eyes of one of the world's most prolific, crazed and inspiring artists' - Steadman.

It creates a potent and heady mixture which ranges from the intimate to the bizarre, from the passionate to the desperate. Through each country Steadman has sought to capture the essence of a people through the love of their wine and the lengths they will go to to make it.


The images shown in this preview represent a cross section on this collection but there are many others available. Click an image to enlarge.

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