Ralph Steadman

The Big I Am

Anger , pain, frustration, fear - Steadman's God feels things in a true and very human sense as he splashes his inimitable pen slashes accross the story as old as time itself. The colour, fervour and passion in this collection roars off the page as only a Steadman image can.

Demons wallow, man chastises and God despairs as primeval slime evolves into dinosaurs whose carcusses evenutally litter a landscape in which new urges pulse. Angels weep and man developes ever new weird and wonderful ways to worship the unknowable, unfathomable force in this incredible collection. Ralph Steadman creates new myths and legends and his drawings underscore man's need to believe and control the beliefs of his fellow man.


The images shown in this preview represent a cross section on this collection but there are many others available. Click an image to enlarge.

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