Ralph Steadman

I Leonardo

Ralph Steadman's incredible study of Leonardo da Vinci, one of his personal heroes, is full of breath-taking images which turn the artists life into a visual voyage of discovery.

Steadman's take on key moments of Leonardo's life are filled with the genius of his uncontrollable imagination. Humour and pathos, grit and passion fill the pictures. They burst off the page and express the joy of a mind inspired by everything but frustrated by being so far ahead of its time.

Researched in Italy the images are filled with wonderful details of the cities and landscapes in which Leonardo worked. They are evocative and atmospheric. From the hills and valleys around the small village of Anchiano in Tuscany where he spent his childhood, to the cities of Florence and Milan where he studied and worked, created his works of great genius and his machines which no-one else understood the details enrich and encode each drawing with meaning and depth.


The images shown in this preview represent a cross section on this collection but there are many others available. Click an image to enlarge.

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